Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP) Fundamental Level

Phase II: Core Principles of SMP

Phase II involves both hands-on live training with an MPEĀ® Education Ambassador at their studio location. Students will build upon Phase I learning to acquire the necessary skills in the art of cosmetic tattooing under the guidance of their trainer.
This course may also be used as a refresher for qualified candidates. Please inquire with your chosen training location for details and availability.
  • Classroom Demonstrations
  • SMP Procedure Observation & Rules
  • Machine Exploration
  • Lectures (Virtual or In-Person)
  • Consultation Experience (clone)
  • Classroom: Color Theory Review
  • Classroom Lessons & Assignments
  • Procedure Observation Assignment
  • Activity: Practice Hairline Shapes
  • Activity: Grid Dot Work
  • Activity: Dot Practice on Medium
  • Activity: Color Drawdowns
  • SMP Tray Set-Up Example
  • Pointillism Tattoo Technique Practice (fix this clone)
  • Mock Procedure Simulation (4 hours)
  • Home-Study Assignments
  • Worksheet: Hairline Shape Practice
  • Worksheet: Hairline Shape Practice
  • Dot Practice (Mess-Free)
  • Dot Practice (Mess-Free)
  • Virtual Distance Learning (4 hrs)
  • Course Evaluation (2 hrs)
  • Exam Instructions
  • SMP Theory Examination
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed